Leonardo's ecosystem with universities and research centres is the focus for Sole 24 Ore

21 December 2022

‘The business-university alliance is winning’. Under this title, the Italian newspaper 'Il Sole 24 Ore' dedicates an extensive article to the network created by Leonardo with research centres and universities of excellence in Italy and beyond. It is a constantly growing network aimed at consolidating collaboration with the world of academia and research to develop high-level skills – a key element of business innovation.

Leonardo has created a collaborative ecosystem, which today spans more than 90 universities and research centres. It includes about 400 ongoing projects, including 100 doctorates, globally – numbers that are constantly growing, particularly internationally.

In Italy, the company collaborates with about 60 universities and research centres, including 19 in the south of the country and the islands. This is in addition to 44 doctorates initiated in 2021, an existing signed commitment to fund more than 90 by 2022, as well as having five framework agreements in place.

In the article, Pierpaolo Gambini highlights how Leonardo “is surrounding itself with a network of universities of excellence, in Italy and in key countries internationally, to initiate collaborations on projects of both academic and industrial value. In some universities, moreover, Leonardo is directly involved in the steering committees of doctorates and with teaching staff. And the number of universities with which the company has relations is growing in a targeted way, especially internationally.”

Leonardo has injected momentum in terms of collaborations and continuous exchange with universities and research centres to work together on shared projects. These collaborations benefit not only the competitiveness of the company but also the attractiveness of universities, the employability of students and economic growth in territories of reference.