Leonardo and EyeCan, leveraging
AI-driven solutions for material handling and sorting processes

04 March 2024

Developing AI-based algorithms for object tracking, real-time anomaly detection and advanced classification is the goal of Leonardo Automation's strategic partnership with EyeCan, an Italian startup focused on robotic systems, artificial intelligence, and machine vision systems applied to production lines.

The collaboration between Leonardo and EyeCan marks the beginning of a shared path towards innovation and technological excellence. A commitment that will leverage, on the one hand, the know-how of Leonardo Automation in material handling systems and, on the other, EyeCan’s AI-driven solutions that empower machines with advanced perceptual and interpretative capabilities for handling visual data.

By pooling different and complementary expertise, it will be possible to develop innovative algorithms based on artificial intelligence tailored for a range of critical functions, which will be instrumental in optimising material handling and sorting processes, particularly for objects moving at varying speeds on conveyor belts.

This partnership builds upon the successful "Fast AI 4 Object Tracking" project, born through the 2021 edition of Open Italy, the ELIS consortium’s innovation ecosystem, in which Leonardo has been actively involved since 2019, that fosters dialogue and collaboration between big enterprises, start-ups, SMEs, research centres, venture capitalists and young talents through the development of highly innovative projects.

Starting from the successful Proof of Concept, and following a design and development phase, the companies are now validating the technology in real operational scenarios, for both Baggage and Packets & Parcels applications. This collaboration is an example of Leonardo’s commitment to the ongoing digital transition that enhances operational efficiency of systems.