Leonardo Naval Defence for the Middle East. A virtual experience

02 July 2020

On 6 July, Leonardo will launch its first virtual showcase, where visitors can move around independently and learn about Leonardo's Naval Defence capabilities available to our Middle East customers.

Visitors will be able to view products by exploring them in detail through high-definition 3D models and watching videos demonstrating products in action. Full technical specifications will be provided, along with contact details for further information.

The cancellation of trade fairs has provided the incentive to explore the opportunities offered by digitisation - creating a technological environment that allows Leonardo to set up various online spaces in which to showcase content through different media. This overcomes both physical and time-related barriers, and will establish a forum for questions, exchanges and demonstrations, all with a high level of engagement, detail and interaction.

We look forward to welcoming you to this experience.



Note: The virtual stand may only be browsed using Chrome, Edge Firefox or Safari.

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