Leonardo on court to promote welfare, well-being and inclusion

04 July 2024

Performance, sport, and inclusion. These are the central themes of the sporting event, organised by Leonardo at Rome's Foro Italico padel courts, to promote physical and psychological well-being and facilitate socialisation.

Raising awareness and motivating the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, promoting inclusion within the Company and in its communities. This is the objective of the Leonardo padel tournament, which involved 400 employees throughout Italy. On the Foro Italico court in Rome for the final, in collaboration with Sport and Health and in partnership with Stimulus and Wellhub, the fifty winners of the preliminary rounds. Joining them, Leonardo's Co-General Manager Lorenzo Mariani and Paralympic champion Alessandro Ossola, President of Bionic People, for a game-event on centre court. The winners' award ceremony was also attended by Antonio Liotti, Chief People & Organisation Officer.

This initiative is in line with the welfare policies that, in the last two years, have seen a 2.5-million euro investment dedicated to Welfare and Well-being activities. A figure that will reach 15 million over the next five years, also through the support of initiatives included in the Supplementary Agreement in force since 2024. Indeed, the Agreement marks a further step in the definition of new organisational models: along with economic and regulatory improvements, there will be experimentation in remodulating working hours to meet the need for flexibility and work-life balance.

Through the introduction of the “proximity welfare” concept, Leonardo promotes a new paradigm in the relationship with human resources, a distinctive element that complements traditional programmes. This path sees at its centre the role of 66 “Welfare Coaches” employed within the Company, who have three years of experience for this position, present in all the offices and sites in Italy, guiding employees towards the most appropriate services according to individual needs.

Economic, physical, psychological and family well-being, these are the pillars of the Company's Welfare and Well-being model. Among the most innovative initiatives introduced in 2023 there is “ApertaMente”, the orientation and psychological support programme for all Leonardo employees in Italy. Available online or in person, through guidance desks located in the thirty-one largest Italian production sites, it has so far facilitated over 3,000 sessions with professionals. Moreover, health screening programmes, dedicated to the entire corporate population (over 33,000 in Italy) on a rotating basis, have seen the involvement of over 6,000 employees in 2023.

With a focus on respecting individual needs and promoting a collaborative and inclusive work environment, parenting and caregiver programmes were also launched. In addition to STEM role models, mentorships, inclusive culture and participative leadership development programmes, other initiatives introduced include, listening opportunities and gender bias analysis, empowerment paths and women's empowerment projects to strengthen mathematical, scientific-technological, and digital skills in STEM fields.