Roberto Cingolani on Bloomberg TV: “Leonardo, a catalyst for an integrated European Defence”

23 January 2024

In a TV interview with Bloomberg News, Roberto Cingolani, CEO and General Manager of Leonardo, addressing the prospects of European Defence, underlines the need for greater integration among industry players in the Aerospace, Defence & Security sector to meet global competitiveness and ensure security at the European level. In this scenario, Leonardo must play a leading role in developing a common strategy for major investment programmes.

According to Roberto Cingolani, Leonardo "must act as a catalyst" to bring forces together at the European level, creating a common Defence arena. To achieve this, he highlighted the importance of reducing the fragmentation of investments across multiple platforms and working towards joint ventures on important supranational programmes.

The CEO outlined Leonardo's prospects for the near future, also referring to the upcoming launch of the new Industrial Plan. "Fast and technological" is the company's priority to remain at the forefront of strategic decisions at the European level, especially concerning alliances in land defence, the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) and future Space programmes.

The biggest challenge, as emphasised by Roberto Cingolani, is keeping pace with the technological transformation brought about by digitalisation throughout the Defence sector. This is essential to guarantee Leonardo's growth and contribute to safeguarding the European Union’s security.