“Exploit My Patent”: get in the game and join an unprecedented challenge with the Leonardo patents!

19 April 2023

From today until 14 June of this year there's the chance to take part, via the Leonardo Solvers Wanted portal, in a new challenge aimed at identifying and promoting innovative solutions starting from technologies that have already been patented by the Company. A challenge to explore additional areas and further potential for the application of these products of the future, testing them in contexts that differ from those originally intended.

Green light for “Exploit My Patent”, the new challenge aimed at implementing, on the Leonardo technological scouting portal, innovative proposals and solutions involving patented technologies that can also be functional in fields outside Aerospace & Defence.


The initiative, regarding the world of intellectual property and open innovation, is addressed to start-ups, SMEs, universities, spin-offs and research organisations with an interest in developing and marketing technologies that have already been patented by the Group. The prize is a financial contribution of €20,000 and the granting of a free licence for the duration of the project.

These are the first two patents included in the challenge:

HPRD – High Pressure Repair Dome, a technological solution whose main aim is to reduce repair costs of panels made in composite materials, while simultaneously providing high quality standards.

Fluid-based circuit for cooling electronic systems, a new and more efficient technology for cooling and controlling thermal transients. This increases the level of dissipation towards the surrounding environment and limits temperature fluctuations, all other conditions being equal, without adversely affecting the factors of bulk, mass, energy consumption, safety and reliability.

Find out all the details at Solvers Wanted and join the challenge today!

The deadline for sending proposals is 14 June of this year.

For more information write to: solverswanted@leonardo.com