IWCE Expo 2023: Leonardo presents its strategy for the technological evolution of critical communications

24 March 2023

At IWCE Leonardo is presenting the interoperability of its solution for secure-by-design critical communications. This integrates narrowband and broadband technologies using a flexible, scalable and also future-proof architecture, being ready for evolution into complete professional LTE solutions.

Each year, IWCE connects the people and technologies engaged in ensuring that critical communications - in support of governments, public services, transport, businesses, public safety, healthcare and critical infrastructures - always function, even in the most difficult circumstances. This year's Expo is being held in Las Vegas from 27 to 30 March and comprises a four-day technical conference and a two-day exhibition at which Leonardo is present at stand 1525.


The Leonardo strategy for the evolution of critical communications

While the critical communications sector is going through a period of evolution, with the adoption of broadband technologies to support new operational needs for high-capacity services, most Mission and Business Critical services are currently supplied via voice, data and messaging over narrowband LMR (Land Mobile Radio) networks.

Wide areas of coverage and value-added services such as videos broadcast in real time are some of the benefits provided by the cost-efficient, complementary introduction of broadband LTE and 5G alongside more proven narrowband technologies such as DMR and TETRA, the use of which is still growing since they are well-proven and continuously being improved by the industry.

Leonardo's heterogeneous network framework now enables end-users to deploy hybrid systems with full-integration capabilities. These exploit both narrowband and broadband technologies to ensure reliable radio communications and functional interoperability.


Our presence at the IWCE

At IWCE Leonardo is presenting the interoperability of its secure-by-design solution that integrates DMR and LTE access, exploiting the CPS-MCX 3GPP Push-to-Talk over cellular standard to provide users with services including real-time voice calls, messaging and video.

On 29 March Bill Fredrickson, Vice President, Sales & Business Development at Leonardo, will give a talk on a “Municipally-Owned Utility Case Study - Radio Replacement Project”, by the Memphis Light, Gas, & Water Division (MLGW) with Leonardo, to share learnings and valuable information with organisations that are looking to embark on projects to replace traditional radio communications.

Memphis Light, Gas, & Water Division (MLGW), of the city of Memphis, is the largest three-service municipal utility company in the United States. MLGW has launched a programme to replace its by now end-of-life analogue radio system with a cutting-edge digital trunking system. The purpose of the project is to replace not only the radio infrastructure and terminals but also the pre-existing microwave and operations room systems.


Why choose Leonardo for critical communications solutions

Leonardo is a leader in secure-by-design critical communications systems for the protection of communities and infrastructures, with a worldwide reputation for excellence and an established international presence with installations in over 50 countries.

With its Mission and Business Critical solutions for radio communications, Leonardo ensures the everyday safety and well-being of the public by supporting First Responders, Utilities, Critical Infrastructures and Law Enforcement Agencies both in their day-to-day operations and in emergencies.

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