M-345 Tutor II: Ready for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training Program

24 March 2021

The new M-345 Tutor II basic trainer aircraft is one of the cornerstones of Leonardo's offer for the Canadian Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program. In this video, Test Pilot Quirino Bucci, Head of Test Pilot Training Programs for Leonardo’s Aircraft Division, presents in detail the main features of the jet trainer proposed to Canada. Enjoy!


Heir to a long tradition in jet trainers with the Aermacchi MB-326 and MB-339 – highly successful aircraft with over 1,000 units produced and that entered into service with air forces worldwide - the M-345 proposes the concept of a simple, efficient, high-performance basic-advanced jet trainer, fast and highly manoeuvrable, giving student pilots a true “jet experience” unmatched by competitors’ turboprop trainers.

Ideally suited for Canada’s entire training syllabus, the Aermacchi M-345 Tutor II is poised to provide comprehensive basic and advanced flight training for Royal Canadian Air Force student pilots that is scalable, innovative and customizable.


For performance, low operating costs and attractive looks, the new M-345 Tutor II is also an ideal candidate to represent Canada in the livery of the Showbirds aerobatic team, potentially replacing the aging CT-114 Tutor still currently in service.

In this video, Captain Quirino Bucci introduces the M-345, taking us into the cockpit and in flight, describing the main characteristics of a successful jet trainer, the first units of which entered service at the Italian Air Force 61st Wing in Galatina (Lecce).