New MBHS system for baggage handling: dynamic tests completed successfully

13 April 2021


A major technological evolution for Leonardo with its MBHS product, the sorting machine for airport baggage handling systems: it is now the only machine in the world able to overcome gradients of up to 15° and a vertical difference of over 8 metres.
These two new capabilities mean that it can now be installed in airport buildings where the security and sorting processes take place on different floors. This advantage is significant because it enables one single machine to manage both processes and to transport baggage between the different areas.

The prototype, its length limited to 180 metres for the tests, was installed and fine-tuned at a temporary site fitted out at Tortona (AL) where all of the technological innovations introduced were tested successfully, including new control electronics that represent a real generational step change compared to the previous version. Another important innovation is the use of extremely durable materials for certain critical components, thus extending the longevity of the system. A new set of curves with differently sized radii was also tested, developed to give the product a higher configurability and adaptability to any layout and satisfy every customer’s requirement.
The dynamic tests, essential for assessing the correct reaction of all components to mechanical stress and their ability to withstand extreme usage conditions, were all completed with success.
The phase currently under way is durability testing through continuous 24-hour usage of the machine for a period of 5 months, with programmed periodic checks on the resistance of the materials. This means, in practice, that upon completion of the tests each cell will have travelled around 30,000 km.

The new system has already aroused the interest of a number of potential clients, and it has been presented to them both on-site and in virtual mode.