Leonardo consolidates the
Defence pole in Piedmont

31 May 2024

With R&D investments amounting to 10% of the total expense of companies in the area, in recent years Leonardo has contributed to the growth of the Defence sector in Piedmont, leading an ecosystem of about 400 small and medium-sized enterprises with a total of 14,500 direct, indirect, and induced employees. This scenario and the future perspectives are detailed in the article by Filomena Greco in Il Sole 24 Ore.

Participation in strategic international cooperation programmes - such as the Eurofighter Typhoon and the F-35 - but also a strong focus on digitalisation, innovation and research into cutting-edge technologies. These are the pillars of Leonardo's activity in Piedmont, which represents a driving force for the entire regional Aerospace ecosystem. A scenario enabled by the more than 4,500 employees in the Turin, Cameri, Caselle Nord and Caselle Sud sites, in addition to the over 900 employees of Thales Alenia Space.

Technological hubs such as the PC2Lab and the Leonardo Lab in Turin contribute to the Region’s vocation for innovation. The first, located in Corso Francia  -  where the Aerospace City will arise  -  is a laboratory in which digitalisation and supercomputing capabilities allow to support the design and development of completely new aircraft through virtual prototyping, thanks to digital twins and algorithmic experiments in simulated operating scenarios. In the Leonardo Lab, located at the innovation hub “OGR Tech”, a team of about 50 people is dedicated to the development of enabling technologies for future-generation aircraft and aircraft systems.

Leonardo consolida il polo della Difesa in Piemonte