"Mission Future - A journey to discover the Professions of Leonardo" starts today!

20 September 2022

With Mission Future, a journey to discover Leonardo's professions, skills and excellence begins, thanks to the voices and faces of its people. Indeed, it will be the men and women of Leonardo who tell us their stories: from their entry into the company and the work they do, to the technologies and products they work with every day, and the most challenging projects. 
Security of data, people and critical infrastructure, satellite navigation systems, flight simulators and launching satellites into orbit, are the topics that we will explore at various stages of the journey.
Today we meet Laura and Nicolò from Leonardo, Electronics.

"Mission Future" starts today, a journey of discovery of Leonardo's professions through which our Leonardo people tell us their stories, and share their commitment, passion, and skills, which every day they put at the disposal of technological development, innovation, growth and sustainability. Together we will discover the challenges they face, the projects they work on, and the specifics of their respective roles, all of which contribute to the achievement and production of Leonardo's services and products of excellence.
In this first appointment, Laura Anselmi and Nicolò Daddi, Program Manager and IT Manager at the Leonardo Electronics plant in Campi Bisenzio (Florence), will talk about their experience in the development of 3MI, a high-performance optical instrument for terrestrial climate monitoring that was launched into orbit aboard a MetOp SG (Second Generation) satellite.

Follow all the next stages of Mission Future, a real journey to discover the most innovative professions and the different contexts of the Leonardo Group.