Roberto Cingolani at CNBC,
"A change of paradigm for Defence,
towards Global Security"

01 March 2024


In a TV interview with CNBC's Squawk Box, Roberto Cingolani, Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo, analyses the current geopolitical context and underlines how digital technologies are taking on an increasingly central role in ensuring the global security of citizens.


In the current scenario, marked by multiple conflicts around the world, we are facing a change of paradigm, not only geopolitical but also industrial. According to Roberto Cingolani, "From the traditional concept of Defence we are moving toward a Global Security-oriented approach, which represents an even broader challenge and includes cyber, energy and food security." A commitment that - he explains - must be taken at the European level, with EU investments to overcome the fragmentation of the system and create "giants" in the sector, through collaborations and joint ventures.

To achieve these goals, it is crucial to rethink the system, aware of the increasing centrality assumed by digitalisation. As Cingolani points out, "For companies and institutions it is now essential to create platforms developed through the Digital Twin, but also ensure security services based on artificial intelligence and automation."

In addition to this, global monitoring and Space observation provide the capability to analyse the situation from above and guarantee the safety of citizens. Cingolani highlights how "Space will be one of the most important areas of technological development in the Defence sector in the near future, one of the ingredients to invest in to make our countries secure."