STEM Olympics: More than 1400 students compete in regional finals

03 March 2022
Students face off in another STEMLab competition. The new phase in the contest began on February 28 and ends on March 7

The phases of the competition

Having concluded the qualifying rounds with the participation of over 2700 students, the regional finals are now about to begin, including 48 institutions in 14 regions, for a total of 71 classes. More than 1400 students are competing in a game based on multiple choice questions, consisting of digital challenges between schools in areas that include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing.

The contest, based on innovative technologies, is designed to attract students to the study of STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), with the goal of preparing younger generations for the digital future that awaits them. The contest includes training sessions and play-off rounds permitting ongoing learning, self-assessment and training, and will close with a national challenge.

Accuracy and speed are the assessment criteria for the final ranking, which will also take participation into account, with rewards for the most active schools. The three classes with the best performance in the country will be awarded a prize of new-generation multimedia teaching aids.

STEMLab, a bridge between school and work

The STEM Olympics add to Leonard’s vast and wide-ranging STEMLab project promoting scientific citizenship and the transmission of knowledge from the world of work to schools. This is another example of how Leonardo contributes to the education of today’s youth in fields of study representing key factors for competitiveness, sustainable growth and innovation.

The STEMLab project includes a series of Live Talks focusing on rapidly growing emerging technologies, including drones and space robotics. It also includes video lessons focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing, fully-fledged courses produced by Leonardo’s experts. With the support of teaching guides, these video lessons provide teachers with useful tools for expanding their course curriculum with engaging interactive content.

STEMLab is just one of the initiatives through which Leonardo supports the promotion of scientific culture and innovation, in line with the goals of UN Agenda 2030, specifically SDG 4 (ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all) and SDG 9 (Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation).

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