The AW139: simply no rivals

23 January 2020

The AW139 is a phenomenon: This definitive product remains as innovative as ever, 15 years after entering into operation, evolving to keep up with new standards and demands. It is now active in a variety of segments and markets, supporting diverse customers on a wide range of missions. A success in its own right, the AW139 has also been responsible for the AWFamily of new-generation helicopters and has been instrumental in the development of our world-leading customer support and services offering.

The development of the AW139 was not only a definitive moment for our own company, it was a turning point for the global helicopter industry. This aircraft was a true game changer, and its own success is testament to the fact that its winning formula has remained current and relevant in the almost two decades since its first flight. The AW139 of today offers operators more safety, higher performance and better cost-effectiveness than ever.

The AW139 has been chosen by almost every major international operator. It has seen its 1,000th delivery. It has accrued over 2.6 million flight hours. It is as relevant and innovative today as it was when it entered service in 2004. 

Although its success is now self-evident, launching this program in the late 1990s was a brave choice. We wanted to fundamentally redefine how people thought about helicopter operations. The AW139 is the product of skill, knowledge, sacrifice, trust, collaboration, learning and adaptation. It remains the subject of continuous improvement; honed and developed in the light of feedback from the market, from our customers, and from our own expert teams.

In just 15 years, this product’s operators have grown to span the globe, thanks in part to the efforts of our national and international partners and suppliers. With the AW139 we have been able to enter markets and geographical areas where we previously had no presence. As we have grown, we have learned; striving to remain sensitive to the market’s requirements and needs. 

With customer satisfaction a key priority, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of Customer Support, advanced service solutions and a comprehensive range of training programs. A global network of over 90 Service Centers, 10 Logistic Support Centers, five Domestic Training Academies, eight Authorized Training Locations and a team of over 1,800 support and training professionals are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction 24/7. We are investing in performance and infrastructure to strengthen network collaborations and expanding our portfolio of digital flight and support service solutions.

The AW139’s journey reflects our own approach within the industry. It has included the development of solutions in the field of services and a complete and customizable training syllabus for pilots, crews and technicians. It has demonstrated technologically advanced elements thanks to our focus on performance, operational versatility, safety and systems integration. Not only have we met the most stringent standards, we have exceeded them.

And last, but by no means least, the lessons learned with the maturity of the AW139 program have led to the introduction to the market of the first ever family of new generation helicopters; the AW139 and its siblings the AW189 and AW169. The innovative concept of the AWFamily delivers a real advantage in competitiveness and adaptability, whatever the changing conditions of the international market.
With this success comes great responsibility; the AW139 is a program with a long-lasting life cycle and extensive market presence and we must strive to continue to meet the high expectations for constant improvement from operators, institutions and national communities. 

No longer the baby of the family, the AW139 remains our child. We have helped it grow. We know its strengths and where it can do better. We know that its future is bright.

Watch the 1,000th AW139 delivery video here