The selection of researchers for the Leonardo Labs continues

07 October 2021

A new tranche of recruitment for Leonardo Labs, the corporate research incubators, which are dedicated to innovation and the development of new technologies within the company’s business sectors for long-term growth, is underway. Fifteen new professionals will be included in the network of laboratories, within areas of activity dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Autonomous Systems and Quantum Technologies.

The selection process is reserved for young researchers with a degree / PhD in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines and for those with proven skills in the specialised areas.

The network of Labs, which today includes 57 researchers, a quarter of which are Italians returning from research experiences abroad, is expanding. The network of Labs extends throughout the country and abroad. Joint laboratories with companies and research institutes at an international level have also been created.

In 2020, the company’s laboratories focused on eight research areas, which are fundamental within Leonardo’s technological development and innovation processes, were set up: digital twin and Advanced Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, HPC / Cloud, Unmanned and Robotics, Quantum Technologies, Electrification, and Materials Technologies.

Leonardo has also financed 34 research doctorates in the Labs’ interest areas at 15 universities located throughout the country to foster collaboration with institutions, universities and research centres, with a view to open innovation.

Through this technological ecosystem, the laboratories enable a continuous flow of talent to ensure flexibility and renewal in competencies and professional skills, based on a model that has been adopted on an international scale. The Leonardo Labs are the recognition of the significance of technological innovation, people and skills for long-term growth in a sustainable way, an innovative strategy that is part of the Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030 plan.

Further details on the professional profiles required and on how to participate in the selection are available on Leonardo’s website.