The EDF FEDERATES project, developing Europe's first MSaas ecosystem

06 May 2024

On 21 March 2024, the first Italian Workshop on the EDF FEDERATES project was held. The meeting was hosted at the Leonardo site in Rome Tiburtina. In addition to the Electronics Business Area, which leads Leonardo’s participation in the project, the Aircraft, Helicopters, Cyber and Leonardo Labs Areas are also involved.

The EDF FEDERATES project has the objective of building the first prototype of a European MSaaS (Modelling & Simulation as a Service) Ecosystem, to support decision making and training of European Armed Forces. The project, led by Rheinmetall Electronics, is a multinational activity funded by the EU Commission, with the support of 15 European Nations.

The Workshop engaged Italian Ministry of Defence (MoD) stakeholders to share FEDERATES’s ongoing activities and goals. Moreover, to prepare the deliverables as foreseen by Task 2.1 and Task 2.4, related to the collection of requirements and use cases definition. The meeting was also an important opportunity to receive feedback from MoD representatives of Italian Armed Forces, through a survey.

The Workshop is the first of a series that will be held throughout the project, to align MoD stakeholders with the three iterations foreseen in the “agile development approach” applied in FEDERATES.


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