Leonardo: Petroleum Air Services adds sixth AW139 helicopter for offshore transport operations in Egypt

Dubai  18 November 2019 15:05

  • Delivery expected by year end to support expansion of Oil&Gas operations in Eastern Mediterranean Sea 
  • Over the last ten years Petroleum Air Services’ AW139 fleet has safely carried more than 95,000 passengers logging in excess of 12,900FH 
  • More than 1100 AW139s ordered by customers worldwide, over 1000 delivered and more than 2.5 million FH amassed to date 

Leonardo announced today that Petroleum Air Services of Egypt will add a sixth AW139 intermediate twin helicopter to its fleet by year end. The aircraft will be used to perform offshore transport operations in Egypt. 

Leading operator Petroleum Air Services has been deploying AW139 helicopters in support of the Oil&Gas industry in the country since 2009. Since then over 12,900 flight hours have been logged and more than 95,000 passengers have been safely carried. The AW139 has proven a key asset for Petroleum Air Services, able to meet the most stringent requirements of OGP customers and perfectly suited for deep water operations. 

With the addition of its sixth AW139, Petroleum Air Services will be able to further support expansion plans for future offshore transport activities and exploration in the Eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea. These require high safety standards, advanced avionics, high speed and excellent overall performance, with the AW139 delivering unmatched capabilities in all those aspects. 

The AW139 set new standards in the market in terms of flight and mission technology, cabin space and comfort, performance, safety and reliability as well as introducing advanced support, maintenance and training services. The AW139 is exceeding the evolving Oil&Gas market’s stringent requirements with unique features including, among other unique capabilities, a 60+ minutes run dry capable main gear box. More than 1100 AW139s have been ordered by over 280 customers in more than 70 nations to date for any kind of mission. The global fleet has amassed over 2.5 million flight hours with over 1000 aircraft delivered.



About Petroleum Air Services
Petroleum Air Services is an Egyptian joint stock company. The shareholders are Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and Bristow Group. The company provides air services transportation inside and outside Egypt using helicopter and fixed wing aircraft for the oil and gas sector, tourism and other economic entities. Also charter and scheduled flights, Air taxi, Maintenance & washing electric insulators by helicopter. The current fleet has 35 helicopters and 8 fixed wing aircraft. The company plans to expand its helicopter fleet in the near future to fulfil the demands of the current and new customers who obtained new concession rights in Egypt for offshore activities either in the Red Sea or Mediterranean. Petroleum Air Services is servicing the companies from different bases all around Egypt in Red Sea, Mediterranean and South Sinai.  All service facilities in different bases have been upgraded to meet the highest safety international standards.