Leonardo to offer cyber security courses through Australia’s leading electronic warfare training school

Rome  03 March 2021 09:30

  • Leonardo is bringing its cyber security experience, developed working with national intelligence agencies in the UK, Italy and others as well as with NATO, to Australian customers through a new set of cyber training courses
  • The training is being delivered by in-country partners DEWC T&E, an Australian organisation staffed by former Australian Defence Force electronic warfare and cyber practitioners through Australia’s School of Information Operations (SOIO)
  • Leonardo developed the courses with technology skills learning specialists QA in order to deliver complex topics in an accessible format

Leonardo will offer a new range of cyber security courses in Australia in collaboration with Australian-based company DEWC. The courses are being delivered through DEWC’s School of Information Operations (SOIO) at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C) in Adelaide. The range of courses will include those tailored for military audiences as well as for the general public.

Leonardo is a leading provider of training in Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) and this new initiative further extends its international footprint. The Leonardo Academy in Lincoln, UK hosts up to 150 students at any one time and delivers courses to the UK Armed Forces’ Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (JEWOSC) as well as international clients. The company’s electronic warfare courses are backed by decades of expertise in designing cutting-edge military technology and supporting customers to get the most out of it on operations. Leonardo’s newer courses in cyber security are based on the company’s experience working with intelligence agencies in the UK, Italy and other countries to protect those nations’ most closely-guarded secrets and acting as the cyber mission partner to NATO over a number of years.

Leonardo’s partnership with DEWC is aimed at sharing this wealth of experience with learners located in Australia and other nearby countries. The partnership also forms part of Leonardo’s commitment to transfer knowledge and skills to South Australian companies on an ongoing basis for the benefit of Australia's industrial capability and national security. Having already begun to offer electronic warfare courses through the School of Information Operations, which opened in February 2020, this new agreement extends the range of courses to include those focused specifically on cyber security.

The first of the new courses being delivered is a three-day entry-level cyber security workshop which includes an instructor-led online component as well as classroom and demonstration elements at the AC3’s cyber range in Adelaide. Leonardo designed the new set of cyber security courses in partnership with technology skills learning specialists QA in order to deliver complex topics in an accessible format.

The entry-level course will be run four times per year. Places can be booked at https://soio.com.au/course/1/5.

The new training offering is part of Leonardo’s over-arching philosophy that protecting assets is not just about processes and technologies, rather it is people who make the ultimate difference. A targeted programme of training, including training of operators, is an essential ingredient in an effective overall package of cyber protection.

To supplement its training offer, Leonardo can provide tailored Cyber Range solutions that realistically simulate cyber-attacks, drawing on advanced digital twinning virtualization technology that mirrors the operator’s real infrastructure. These realistic and comprehensive scenarios allow operators to develop the skills and experience needed to effectively combat full-scale cyber attacks should they occur for real.