Leonardo’s ATC systems to optimise management of Somalia airspace

Geneva  08 March 2023 14:30

Until 10 March, Leonardo will be present in Geneva at Airspace World 2023, the international event dedicated to air traffic management, with its technologies meeting the present and future needs of passengers and airport operators.

LeadInSky, Leonardo’s comprehensive solution for air traffic management, is behind the recent reclassification of Somali airspace into "Class A", which is known as the Mogadishu Flight Information Region (FIR) - one of the busiest airways in the region.

Leonardo, through an ICAO Contract issued on behalf of the Federal Government of Somalia, has supplied the country with an ATC control centre, two tower systems, and radio equipment for centre/tower voice data interchange. The integration of Leonardo's solution in Somalia will increase safety and efficiency of operations, through the management of high traffic volumes, and will contribute to strengthening relations between Italy and Somalia in the upgrading of infrastructures.

Already used worldwide, LeadInSky was developed to operate in the most complex operational scenarios, due to the integration of a wide range of products and innovative instruments that allow it to meet stringent international requirements for ground and air operations. Resulting from the digitisation of sensors and functions, LeadInSky includes ground control, live analysis of aircraft routes and post-processing functions. From 8 to 10 March, LeadInSky will be on display in Geneva at Airspace World 2023, the international event dedicated to air traffic management (ATM), where Leonardo will present its technologies chosen by over 100 airports around the world.

Also on display at Airspace World 2023 is the C-Band TMMR (Tactical Multi Mission Radar) electronic scanning radar developed by the company for the detection and tracking of small targets and drones. In the uncrewed sector, Leonardo is developing solutions for the integration of unmanned systems (UTM) in airspace, in line with European standards. With its capabilities, Leonardo plays a leading role in a series of programmes for the management of drones in the National ATM system. Furthermore, thanks to the experience acquired through participation in the European research programme SESAR, Leonardo has been awarded 10 new SESAR 3 funded projects in Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), Communication Navigation and Surveillance aimed at creating a "Digital European Sky", for a safe and sustainable future. Leonardo leads the FCDI SESAR project, which aims to develop enabling technologies for the expansion of Advanced Air Mobility.

Leonardo draws on its experience to design, manufacture and integrate primary and secondary radars, weather sensors, tracking systems and control centres for commercial and defence traffic. Added to these are digital communication, navigation and surveillance services and cyber solutions guaranteeing operational continuity at every flight phase and at the same time reducing environmental impact, also by means of new enabling factors such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.