Leonardo and AID collaborate on innovation in the defence and security sector

Rome,  10 July 2024 16:45

Leonardo announces a new collaboration with Agenzia Industrie Difesa (AID), which centres on the strengthening of technological and operational innovation in the defence and security sector. The focus of the partnership will be on the joint development of conventional 155 mm artillery ammunition, primarily for Italian defence.

This collaboration, which will last 18 months with the potential of renewal, aims to leverage the expertise and resources of both organisations to develop advanced solutions that improve the operational capabilities of the Italian Armed Forces. The collaboration also intends to enhance domestic production capabilities in conjunction with the current supply chain.

Leonardo will provide its technological expertise and experience in complex projects. The company will take on the design authority role for the ammunition, conduct evaluation and qualification at national and international ranges, and will also design and bring the pre-series production into service. Additionally, Leonardo will provide support in the training and instruction of personnel.

AID will contribute its know-how in the management of infrastructure, plants and machinery, and logistical resources. It will also be responsible for the production and assembly of the pre-series batch, as well as the subsequent mass production phase.

For over a decade, the two organisations have had joint activities in the production and marketing of conventional and guided ammunition for calibres 76 mm, 127 mm, and 155 mm.

The new synergy between Leonardo and AID will generate significant benefits for the Italian defence sector, not only enhancing its operational capabilities but also creating additional opportunities for the defence industry and scientific research in Italy. Furthermore, the projects developed together will focus on the promotion of innovation and competitiveness at an international level.

In the picture: 
Marco De Fazio, Managing Director Electronic Division, Leonardo 
Fiammetta Salmoni, General Manager, AID