Shareholders’ Meeting: reopening of terms and reduction of threshold for filing of slates for the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Rome  16 April 2021 08:44

With reference to the Shareholders’ Meeting of Leonardo, convened in Ordinary session on 10 and 19 May 2021 (in first and second call respectively), Leonardo hereby informs that, upon expiry of the deadline for the filing of the slates of candidates for the appointment of the Company’s Board of Statutory Auditors (April 15, 2021), only one slate has been filed (by the shareholder Ministry of Economy and Finance, holding about 30,204% of the Company’s share capital).

Consequently, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 144-sexies, par. 5, of the Issuers’ Regulation, it should be noted that: (i) the deadline by which further slates for the appointment of the Company’s control body may be filed is extended to April 19, 2021, 6.00 p.m.; (ii) the minimum threshold of shareholding in the Company’s share capital requested for the submission of slates is reduced by half and, therefore, from 1% to 0,5%.

With regard to the procedures for submitting slates, reference should be made to the notice of call of the Shareholders’ Meeting, available on the Company’s website (, “2021 Shareholders’ Meeting” section).

The slates duly submitted, in compliance with the provisions indicated in the aforementioned notice of call, will be made available to the public with the modalities of law, complete with the attachments and the information required by the current regulations, by the deadline of April 19, 2021.