Leonardo: call of Shareholders’ Meeting

Rome,  29 March 2023 18:55

The Board of Directors of Leonardo, convened today under the chairmanship of Luciano Carta, has resolved that the Shareholders’ Meeting will be convened in Ordinary session on 8 and 9 May 2023 (in first and second call respectively), to which the Shareholders will be able to participate exclusively through the Designated Representative, in line with the provisions of art.  106 of the Legislative Decree no.  18/2020 (as most recently extended by Legislative Decree no. n. 198/2022, converted by Law no. 14/2023).

In addition to the approval of the Leonardo S.p.a. 2022 Annual Report, the Shareholders’ Meeting will also be called to resolve on the appointment of the new Board of Directors.

The Shareholders' Meeting will also be asked to deliberate, pursuant to art. 123- ter, par. 3-bis and 6 of TUF, in relation to the first section (with binding resolution) and to the second section (with no binding resolution) of the Report on the remuneration policy and the compensation paid, approved by today's Board of Directors. 

The notice of call of the Meeting, as well as the documents concerning the items on the agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting, are made available to the public within the terms and with the modalities of law.