Leonardo: approved the merger by incorporation of Vitrociset into Leonardo and the Engagement Policy

Rome  30 September 2021 15:53

The Leonardo’s Board of Directors, which met today, approved – in place of the Shareholders’ Meeting, pursuant to art. 2505, paragraph 2 of the Civil Code and art. 24.1 of the Bylaws - the merger by incorporation of Vitrociset S.p.A. into the Company. 

Today the operation (already disclosed to the market with press release dated July 29, 2021) was also approved by the Vitrociset Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting. Following the statutory deadlines, it will then proceed to the signing of the merger deed, with effect - also for accounting and tax purposes - starting from 1st January 2022.

As previously communicated, the merged company is directly and wholly owned by Leonardo and the merger, which is part of the overall strategic / corporate rationalization project of some of Leonardo’s assets, as a function of a more efficient and effective operation of its industrial activities, represents the completion of the integration/ interaction process between the two companies launched in 2019 with the acquisition of the entire share capital of Vitrociset.  

The minutes of the resolution adopted by the Leonardo's Board of Directors will be made available to the public in accordance with terms and provisions of law. Reference is also made to the Merger Plan and to further documentation already available on the Company's website (www.leonardocompany.com, Corporate Governance section/ Extraordinary Operations).

Leonardo’s Board of Directors also approved the "Policy for managing dialogue with the generality of shareholders and other stakeholders" aimed at promoting and regulating the opportunities for meeting and debate between the Company and the financial stakeholders; and also promoting, in compliance with the regulatory community and domestic and international  Market Abuse regulations, a continuous, proactive, transparent and timely communication, in line with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code.
The Policy is available on the Company's website (www.leonardocompany.com Investors/Engagement Policy).