Stefania Minosi

Research Fellow
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  • I gained my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and my Master’s degree in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Salento. I was a member of the Frame, Body & Aero division of the Salento Racing Team, competing in the international Formula Student championship. I am now attending the third year of the PhD course in Industrial Engineering at the University of Parma.

  • Material Technologies

  • S. Minosi, D. Cocchi, E. Maccaferri, A. Pirondi, A. Zucchelli, L. Mazzocchetti, D. Ambrosini, F. Campanini, 2021. Exploitation of rubbery electrospun nanofibrous mat for fracture toughness improvement of structural epoxy adhesive bonded joints, Journal of Advanced Joining Processes 3(11):100050.

    S. Minosi, D. Cocchi, A. Pirondi, A. Zucchelli, F. Campanini, 2021. Integration of nylon electrospun nanofibers into structural epoxy adhesive joints, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering.

    F.Ferrari, R. Striani, S. Minosi, R. De Fazio, P. Visconti, L. Patrono, L. Catarinucci, C. Esposito Corcione, A. Greco, 2019. An innovative IoT-oriented prototype platform for the management and valorisation of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, Journal of Cleaner Production (IF9.297).

    C. Esposito Corcione, Francesca Ferrari, R. Striani, S. Minosi, M. Pollini, F. Paladini, Angelica Panico, R. de Fazio, P. Visconti, A. Greco, 2019. An Innovative Green Process for the Stabilization and Valorization of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste,  Environmental Science, Applied Sciences.

  • The 49th AIAS Conference (AIAS 2020) 2-5 September 2020, Genova, Italy

    3rd International conference of Materials Design and Applications (MDA 2020) 5-6 November 2020,Porto, Portugal