We have a clear vision of our strategic path: reinforcing and transforming the business to grow and accelerate the process of innovation, to improve long-term competitiveness.
Alessandro Profumo


Our concept of progress


The world never stands still. It changes quickly, often unpredictably. Our homes and workplaces, our way of life, and our aspirations change too. And we all face the same questions: What will the future look like? What sort of world do we want to live in? 

Here at Leonardo, we want to help create a world that is inclusive and sustainable – a welcoming place where  everyone can make use of the opportunities they want and deserve to achieve a better quality of life.

We envisage a world where technology will help to make our aspirations a reality: we’ll feel safe, we’ll embrace smarter ways to work, build stronger relationships, open up unexplored paths to learning and create ever more convenient and sustainable ways to travel.

This is the kind of progress we want to build, and we’re starting with an ambitious project and a plan to make it happen over the next decade. 

Because we need to get to work today to create an exciting and dynamic tomorrow.  



A roamap towards the future

Be Tomorrow - Leonardo 2030 is an ambitious, challenging plan. 

It is more than an industrial programme: it is an organic vision of the world, clarifying how we see ourselves in the future, drawing on our strength as a leader in industry and technology.

To all those stakeholders who count on us as a driver of growth, safety and progress we are sending a clear message: we accept our responsibility to take immediate and tangible action.

Be Tomorrow - Leonardo 2030 is our roadmap: working for sustainable progress in a safer world.



Enrico Savio, Chief Strategy and Market Intelligence Officer

We are changing, to meet the challenges of an evolving world


As the world changes, we’ll be the first to change with it – the fastest. To anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead. 

We start with solid foundations. 

We are already on a path to sustainable growth, supported by the results achieved in the past two years. 

We’ll combine this with the flexibility and responsiveness needed to tackle the unpredictable challenges that human progress puts before us every day.

We will invest precious capital: the skill and dedication of our people, the quality of our suppliers, the trust of investors and customers, plus fruitful relations with governments, communities and institutions

And we’re committed to a far-sighted approach to technological innovation too, as a crucial element in global sustainability. It’s an approach that inspires our strategy in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal.

From the seed sown in the past comes the Leonardo of the future.

The path to change


The journey of Leonardo 2030 travels along three linked pathways. 


Towards a new normality

Our thinking for Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030 was barely complete when the world began to experience the full effects of the Covid-19 pandemic – an unprecedented event that will affect all our lives for many months to come. 

The pandemic has not altered our strategic ambitions for 2030. On the contrary, it reinforces that we must be ready to face even the most unexpected challenges with flexibility and resilience. 

These attributes will be vital because we are a strategic asset to the countries where we work. We nurture their technological sovereignty, we foster innovation that benefits local areas and communities, and we work in partnership to help them take full advantage of the power of digital transformation.

This is why we feel even more responsible for guiding Leonardo towards a ‘new normality’, along with its stakeholders and the countries where it works.  While continuing to deliver value, both today and in the future.

In Italy, the country where we have our roots and where we began to build our international commitment, we have the opportunity to connect our Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030 plan with the relaunch plan “Italy 2020-2022”, the national project for relaunching the country’s economy, working with national institutions and the country’s economic and industrial system. 

We stand ready to play our part in this vital recovery effort.