Antonio Liotti presents ‘We are Leonardo’, where we talk about the company’s ambition to contribute to technological progress

18 October 2022

This video interview with Antonio Liotti, Chief People & Organisation Officer of Leonardo, kicks off with ‘We are Leonardo’, a series of appointments that explore the professional skills that are now building the future of a leading Aerospace, Defence and Security company.

More than 50,000 people work at Leonardo on a daily basis, contributing to the development and technological evolution of the industrial fabric and ecosystem of the countries where the company operates, every one of which plays an essential role in the Group’s success.

“We are Leonardo” is an initiative that tells the story of Leonardo through the faces and voices of 100 of its people. A journey to discover the professionals who design future technologies and oversee strategic business areas from some of Leonardo’s principal international headquarters, including Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as other countries across the globe.

Antonio Liotti, Chief People & Organisation Officer at Leonardo, explained the initiative as follows: “We are confident that there is no one better than the people who have direct, day-to-day experience of working in our factories and reality to make the outside world see and understand how fascinating and interesting it can be to take on the professional challenge of belonging to such a multi-faceted and complex company – a company that operates in many business areas but, above all, has the vocation and ambition to contribute not only to the technological progress of the nation, but also to all the communities in which it operates.”

Creating and maintaining an increasingly open innovation ecosystem in which companies, universities and research centres share research projects and programmes is crucial for professional development and talent recruitment. A model that Leonardo pursues with various initiatives, like the Leonardo Labs and the Business Innovation Factory.

For Liotti, “Talking about successful career paths in a company like ours helps us to portray Leonardo as an employer of choice, an ideal company for young people who want to put themselves to the test in such a fascinating and complex world. Leonardo’s commitment to fostering skills today is an ethos we live by every day and this has led us to launch a series of initiatives, in which we pose ourselves as a partner, as an educational system, working with universities and ITS colleges (Istituti Tecnici Superiori - Higher Technical Institutes) to ensure that educational programmes take companies’ needs into account.”