Fata Logistic Systems supports Italian food bank, Banco Alimentare, to help reach the most in need

29 April 2020

Leonardo's company is providing free transport and delivery services of food surplus in three Italian regions during the ongoing Covid-19 emergency


With ‘fata’ being the Italian word for ‘fairy’, it has been suggested that a magic fairy is bringing food to those in need around the country. However, it is Fata Logistic Systems, the integrated logistics company owned by Leonardo Global Solutions – one of the main Italian logistics players in Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors – that has been helping fulfil this critical service.

As part of Leonardo’s continued support to major initiatives for the Covid-19 emergency, Fata has been working with Italian food bank, Banco Alimentare, to redistribute surplus food to thousands of people struggling to make ends meet.

With the country’s bars, restaurants, schools and companies canteens remaining closed, Banco Alimentare has identified tons of surplus food stocks that are not being used by interrupted or closed catering services. Thanks to a significant logistics effort by Banco Alimentare and Fata Logistic Systems, the organisations have been able to transport and distribute this food as quickly as possible.

Fata’s nationwide presence and reach has enabled the company to transport food to Piedmont, Lombardy and Campania, as well as offer professional support with products, services and integrated and customised high-tech solutions – to assist the charitable organisations helping the most frail and vulnerable. So far, Fata Logistic Systems has delivered 195 tons of goods, through 480 pallets and 40 vehicles, including tractors, trucks and vans, helping provide meals for about 400,000 people.

The partnership between Fata Logistic Systems and Banco Alimentare was conceived by Fata Logistics’ managers following a long-term co-operation for the distribution of surplus food from Leonardo’s canteens. This dates back to 2013, since when surplus food has been collected for non-profit organisations from the 20 canteens at Leonardo's main Italian plants. In 2019, approximately 180,000 meals were distributed, in addition to baked goods, fruit and vegetables for a total value of approximately €360.000. Since 2013, this collaboration has collected and distributed food worth over €2.3 million.



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