“Future Loading”, talented new hires pave the way for the future of Leonardo

16 February 2024

Onboarding experiences in various corporate and academic locations, job rotations across Italy, international training opportunities, and a Master's Degree in Advanced Management. These are some of the participants’ milestones in Leonardo's Future Loading programme, developed in partnership with Luiss Business School in Rome.

Launched in October 2023, Future Loading was conceived to hire international talents for the Group, through a comprehensive interdisciplinary training programme, within which participants earn a Master's Degree in Advanced Management. The 30 new colleagues represent a wide range of diverse educational backgrounds, mainly related to engineering (aeronautics, aerospace, mechanical, biomedical and chemical) and economic disciplines.

Over the past few months, the participants have undertaken an onboarding course at LUISS Business School's Villa Blanc and several company locations, such as Telespazio's Fucino Space Centre (near  L’Aquila), the Electronics business area site in Cisterna di Latina, and the Corporate offices in Rome.

The group also had the opportunity to attend two days of training at ISMA - Institute of Military Aeronautical Sciences in Florence, to interact with Leonardo's managers, and share moments of conviviality and team building.

The initiative also included two job rotation opportunities at different Group sites in Italy, where current topics, such as AI and Machine Learning, crucial to supporting business evolution, were explored through online lectures and onsite experiences.

After two training experiences abroad, scheduled for the coming months, the new colleagues will come back to Rome to conclude the Master's programme with a period of on-campus lessons at LUISS Business School. Finally, they will return to their initially assigned location to apply their acquired skills and personally contribute to the growth and innovation of the Group.