Infrared technology used to safeguard personnel from infection

17 April 2020

With the health and safety of staff a top priority for organisations during the Covid-19 emergency, Leonardo’s infrared technology is playing a crucial role in ensuring the highest compliance levels at its manufacturing plants across Italy.

At the company’s Campi Bisenzio plant in Florence – which manufactures advanced electro-optics for the defence and space sectors – trials have begun on a new thermal scanner system to help safeguard personnel from infection.

The system is based on the existing operating capacity of the Erica Plus HD infrared sensor, which is already integrated on several Leonardo platforms including the LEOSS avionic gimbal. Using a radiometric system, this night surveillance system provides thermographic measurements with an accuracy of up to tenth of a degree.

Taking advantage of these unique features, the thermal scanner is now being used by medical personnel to detect body temperature as employees arrive at each of Leonardo’s plant. As well as being an essential measure for contagion containment, the procedure helps limit queues and prevents the need for physical contact between people.

Furthermore, the infrared sensor can be applied for other tasks like monitoring the flow of people inside or outside buildings, to ensure social distancing is maintained during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since the thermal scanner’s sensor can detect body temperature within a range of 2km, it paves the way for different applications. This includes on airborne drones to ensure agencies and institutions’ personnel safety, while portable devices, such as LINX e and NOX which have similar specs, can be used by police and security forces.

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