Leonardo at Biennale Tecnologia

12 November 2020

Leonardo will take part in the Biennale Tecnologia, a virtual show organised by Politecnico di Torino (12-15 November 2020), through an event dedicated to drones and to the projects and technologies developed by the company in the field of remotely-piloted aircraft. 

At the event starring Leonardo, entitled “Intelligenza artificiale e droni per i cittadini di domani” (Artificial intelligence and drones for the citizens of tomorrow) which will be streamed live on Friday, 13 November at 14:00, a number of representatives of the company’s Uncrewed Systems unit will describe in detail the initiatives being carried out in the fields of advanced air mobility and sustainability.

Particular attention will be paid to the Drone Contest - a project designed and launched by Leonardo, in collaboration with six Italian universities, to encourage the development of artificial intelligence applied to uncrewedsystems. During the event Leonardo will also present the recently concluded experimentation for the transportation - over 30 km and beyond the operator's field of view (BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line of Sight) - of biomedical material with an electric-powered remotely-piloted aircraft  through a project developed by Leonardo, Telespazio and Rome’s Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital, in collaboration with ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority).

The event (which will be in Italian only) will be attended by Laurent Sissmann, UncrewedSystems Manager at Leonardo, Marco Pironti, Councillor for Innovation, Smart City and ICT Systems of the City of Turin, Marco Arrobbio, Competence and Excellence Centres (UncrewedSystems – Leonardo) and Paola Castagna, Normative Intelligence (UncrewedSystems – Leonardo), who will talk about the company's approach to uncrewed systems in the context of advanced air mobility and describe the projects carried out in Italy and Turin.

Leonardo, which already boasts a consolidated industrial and technological presence in Turin, is further strengthening its commitment to the capital of Piedmont through a series of important projects for the “City of Future” bringing together the world of sustainability and the technologies of tomorrow. 

Indeed, sustainability will be a central theme of the event and will also be the topic of a video contribution by Renata Mele, Head of Sustainability at Leonardo, to be streamed live on Saturday, 14 November at 09:30 a.m. during the Biennale OFF session. Renata Mele will describe Leonardo’s approach to sustainability and will give an example of technologies developed to this end by the company, based on advanced earth monitoring and big data analysis systems.


Connect to the Biennale Tecnologia website and follow the event “Intelligenza artificiale e droni per i cittadini di domani” (Artificial intelligence and drones for the citizens of tomorrow)


Watch Renata Mele's video about Leonardo’s commitment to sustainability