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17 March 2021

Move on to the future!

The largest Digital Mobile Radio network implemented for public transport in Europe, with 160 base stations and 4000 modems; 35 thousand monitored buses by a single AVM station; 14 thousand on-board devices, installed on trains, buses and subways around the world: these are the numbers achieved thanks to Leonardo’s expertise in the transport sector and to the solutions for operations centres, infrastructures and vehicles. ITS platforms, physical and cyber security, SCADA systems, professional communications and on-board systems make Leonardo a pioneer in the design and development of intelligent, sustainable and safe mobility.

Urban Transport, a new platform and a new on-board intelligence

Leonardo’s cutting edge e-Nobu on-board unit integrates advanced features such as intelligence, safety and security, connectivity and reliability for buses, metro and trains - guaranteed by the integration of the very latest cutting edge technologies such as 5G, V2X and ITxPT.

Some of the key features that make e-Nobu a real intelligent control unit on board include; localization via satellite, voice and data communication between control unit and vehicle, integration and management of all on-board systems, embedded switch and support of a GBit LAN, passenger counting and occupancy assessment, management of information displays with text-to-speech functions.

The second innovation is the evolution of the MATRICS-AVM control unit. The already state of the art suite is further expanded to better optimize the management of the service in all its phases by integrating new technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence and IoT interconnection.

These innovations target the needs of operators, drivers and passengers by addressing new mobility trends such as big data analysis to support planning, predictive diagnostics and increasingly adaptive service regulation. A particular attention is focused on safety, which is increasingly perceived as a key component of service reliability.

On rail safely

Our latest Metro and Rail sector innovation is designed to increase the wide range of solutions to accompany rail transport to the future: MATRICS VS4000-T. This device makes the VS4000 Tetra radio unit certified for the railway world to supply increasingly reliable on board ground communications thanks also to the end-to-end data encryption that guarantees the highest standards of safety in communications.

The new SCADA platform

Our new GRS® SCADA web platform is based on an open, scalable and distributed architecture and has been designed to provide supervision, control and specific application functions to increase the situational awareness and resilience of plants.

Into one single platform, the ability to supervise and control electrical power and traction, electromechanical systems in stations, tunnels, warehouses, buildings and along the line and to integrate with external systems such as signalling, telecommunications and security. A simulation and training environment and a data warehouse system complete a cutting-edge, highly reliable and secure-by-design platform guaranteeing effective control of transport infrastructures.


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