Partnership agreement signed with Luiss Guido Carli University to support the '42 Roma Luiss' project and promote new cybersecurity talents

21 March 2023

Leonardo has signed a partnership agreement with the Luiss Guido Carli University for the “42 Roma - Luiss project, one of the most innovative and inclusive coding schools, to promote new cybersecurity talents. The agreement involves creating a talent pipeline that encourages and enhances synergies between industry and education under the banner of innovation.

The 42 ‘philosophy’

42 Roma Luiss adopts the philosophy and pedagogical model conceived in Paris under the name École 42 (42 is from Douglas Adams’ acclaimed science fiction novel, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) to train a new generation of young innovators who can lead our country’s transition towards the digital industry. The training model is based on peer-to-peer education, whose pathway enables participants to learn in the field, carrying out activities, also in gamification mode, and learning from their mistakes.

Admission to 42 Roma Luiss is free and open to everyone, regardless of educational qualifications. The selection of students over 18 is based only on talent and motivation, which are tested in the admissions process. Official academic rankings also recognise the achievements of this innovative method. École 42 was ranked the world’s eighth most innovative school/university and the most ethical in the 2022 WURI (World's Universities with Real Impact) ranking.

Leonardo’s contribution

This agreement essentially involves a three-pronged commitment: training young people, designing experiential workshops for them, and creating connections with the world of work. Via this agreement, Leonardo invests and actively promotes the development of students’ ICT and cybersecurity skills through a completely innovative teaching model.

Leonardo will also complete “42 Roma Luiss” offering with internships and work placements in companies, as well as events and hackathons integrated into the training courses, to allow students to make contacts and gain experience in the labour market. Moreover, it will set up mentorship paths for the best talents. Direct testimonies from company professionals will bring in actual cases and practical experiences that will fuel curiosity, discussions and opportunities for young people.

A vocation for training

The partnership agreement with Luiss completes - with the support of an entirely ‘new’ educational model compared to the usual ones - Leonardo’s commitment to foster the growth of skills and abilities in the field of cyber security. It will work alongside many universities throughout Italy. This is supplemented by the wide range of training and refresher courses delivered at the Leonardo Cyber & Security Academy, also through proprietary training platforms such as the Cyber Trainer and the Cyber Range.

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