Mission Future: innovation and industry 4.0 with Gabriella and Martina at Pomigliano d’Arco

05 May 2023

In this sixth stage of the journey to discover the professions of Leonardo, Mission Future arrives at the Pomigliano D'Arco (Naples) site, where Gabriella Galateri di Genola e Martina Sciarra, who both have degrees in STEM disciplines from Federico II University in Naples, are committed to the development of innovative projects which focus on the continuous improvement of company production.

Gabriella, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the Federico II University in Naples, is Responsible for the Continuous Improvement of the four Leonardo Aerostructures production sites, and specifically takes care of guaranteeing the correct application of the Leonardo Production System (LPS); the programme  launched by the company in 2019 with the objective of optimising the efficiency and the productivity of Leonardo industrial sites, through an approach focused on the continuous improvement of process management and offering increasingly higher quality and safety.

Martina, a Specialist in Production Systems and Industrial Investments at the Pomigliano D’Arco site, graduated in Aerospace Engineering and continued her training experience by joining the Aerotech Academy, a higher education course in engineering, resulting from the collaboration between Leonardo and the Federico II University, Naples, that aims to stimulate synergies between the university world, companies and the local area to enhance engineering skills and their application in industrial sectors. The initiative, now in its third year, takes place at the Aerotech Campus in Pomigliano, part of the Leonardo Labs, the network of research and development laboratories interconnected with universities, polytechnics, research centres and partner companies. Today, Martina is involved in projects for the renewal of company production processes, making use of the skills she has accumulated in the field of Industry 4.0, such as Nemesi, which started in 2020 during her experience at the Academy, which envisages the complete automation of the assembly line of the fuselage of the ATR regional transport aircraft and the transformation of the Pomigliano site and its supply chain into a Smart Factory.

Both Gabriella and Martina tell us about a dynamic environment, full of opportunities and challenges, of a constantly evolving context, that allows the development of technical and management skills and where people are the real drivers of change.

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