At the International Flight
Training School with Mission

18 July 2023

In the seventh edition of Mission Future, Massimiliano, Claudia and Ivan share with us how Leonardo Global Solutions (LGS), together with other Leonardo entities, contributed to the creation of the International Flight Training School (IFTS) headquarters at the Italian Air Force base in Decimomannu (Sardinia).

The International Flight Training School (IFTS) is the result of a strategic partnership between Leonardo and the Italian Air Force, aimed at the establishment of an advanced flight training centre for military pilots from the world's air forces.

For the new school headquarters, operational at the Italian Air Force base in Decimomannu (Sardinia), Leonardo Global Solutions (Leonardo’s Service Provider) oversaw the construction of the civil infrastructure, including the campus, the heart of the IFTS where the cadets, in addition to participating in training courses (in the classrooms and hangars that house aircraft and flight simulators), live and spend their free time (with the availability of restaurants, accommodations, recreational areas, numerous green spaces and a large multi-sports complex).

In this seventh edition of Mission Future, the three protagonists, while covering different roles, are united by a passion for challenges, a propensity for innovation and teamwork. We meet Massimiliano Bertini, Head of Projects and Construction Sites for Flight, Claudia De Simone, Head of the Service Innovation Unit who coordinates and innovates all the services necessary for Leonardo's sites, and Ivan Borruso, Project Manager of Construction Sites for Flight who has followed this project from capturing the customer’s requirements, through the planning phase, to the execution of the work. They share their experiences working on the construction of the IFTS campus facilities and the related services, illustrating the skills needed to achieve the end result: creativity, organisation and collaboration.

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