Situational Awareness, the awareness of risks as an enabling factor for security and resilience

13 August 2021

Knowledge is power. The importance of knowledge for effective decision-making is well-known and perfectly suited to the digital age in which the spread of technological devices is generating an almost unlimited amount of data. Situational Awareness is therefore a vital information asset that can contribute to improving both the quality and efficiency of services made available to citizens. It can also increase levels of security and resilience of cities, territories and infrastructures through better and more complete knowledge of the context and awareness of its vulnerabilities.


Cyber Situational Awareness

For cyber security, Situational Awareness means having knowledge of the vulnerabilities and risks to which digital infrastructures are exposed, as well as the impacts that such vulnerabilities and risks can have on the normal operations of an organisation, or on the critical missions that use cyberspace. A complete knowledge of the cyber threat scenario must also consider operational technologies (OT) such as sensors, actuators or other physical devices, which, now more than ever, are integrated with software applications, networks and digital infrastructures. The goal is therefore to look at security in a global sense – the so-called logical physical convergent security.

Leonardo has developed IT/OT Cyber Situational Awareness solutions and Decision Support systems that make use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and sophisticated big data analysis software also generated by Internet of Things devices. These are available for both military and civil applications.

Awareness is not just a matter of processes and technologies; people make the difference. In this context, Leonardo's Cyber Range & Training solution allows training for security operators and the acquisition of the right levels of experience by simulating attacks in realistic and complex scenarios.


Situational Awareness for Global Monitoring: X2030

Situational Awareness is an enabling factor for Global Monitoring activities aimed at increasing the level of security and resilience of the cities and Italy’s regional and national critical infrastructures.

In line with the Leonardo 2030 Be Tomorrow strategic plan, Leonardo Cyber Security has developed X2030, a new generation command & control and intelligence solution. Thanks to the enhancement and enrichment of data – originating from heterogeneous and processed sources and correlated in real time – X2030 offers a higher level information framework for complete Situational Awareness, thus promoting a more informed decision-making process.

X-2030 can be applied to different application domains such as security and public order, defence, resilience of the region, safe and intelligent management of the city, and the Smart & Secure City.

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