The DMR radio standard and Leonardo's ECOS-D solution

Si chiama ECOS-D (Extended Communication System - Digital) il sistema intelligente di rete radio realizzato da Leonardo per le comunicazioni critiche, basato su tecnologie DMR all'avanguardia. Il DMR - Digital Mobile Radio è uno standard radio digitale aperto, sviluppato dall'ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) per le radiocomunicazioni mobili professionali (PMR - Professional Mobile Radio) sulla base dei nuovi requisiti per un utilizzo sempre più efficiente dello spettro radio e dei nuovi servizi dati disponibili.

Leonardo  26 November 2017



ECOS-D (Extended Communication System - Digital) is the smart radio network system based on state-of-the-art DMR technologies, developed by Leonardo,  for critical operations.


Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital radio standard, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for Professional Mobile Radio Communications (PMR). DMR was born taking into account requirements expressed by users regarding a more efficient use of the radio spectrum and new available data services.  





What does DMR do


DMR supports Professional grade voice services such as private, group, broadcast, emergency calls, late entry, data services including messaging, data transmission and GPS based localisation and encryption. Moreover, DMR digital technology provides better noise rejection and preserves voice quality over a greater compared to analogue, especially at the farthest edges of the transmission range. DMR technology is also cost-effective ensuring an excellent solution both in terms of communication capacity and infrastructure investment when compared to other digital technologies available on the market.




Leonardo’s ECOS-D solution is considered one of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art DMR technologies today. One of the most relevant features of the ECOS-D base stations is the ability to work in "dual-mode" thanks to the management, on the same radio channel, in real time and fully automatic in both the following modulation: Analogue FM and Digital DMR Tier II with two virtual channels within a physical channel. This Leonardo patented feature is paramount for the easy and smooth migration from an existing analogue radio system to a new fully digital system with the reuse of allocated frequencies and site infrastructures.


Moreover, as a “multipurpose high end” product, the ECOS-D base station can also work as “Trunking DMR Tier III” (having an embedded trunking controller) by just changing the operating mode without any hardware changes or software licenses to be added. This ensures great flexibility to customers to eventually change the way the network operates in the future without re-planning the entire network itself.


This allows the deployment of mixed network architectures (analogue/DMR Tier II and DMR Tier III) in the same ECOS-D system with the high reliability provided by a distributed architecture as needed for a radio system dedicated to Public Safety applications.




The Simulcast (Simultaneous Broadcasting) technique, on which Leonardo has over 40 years of proven experience, is natively present in all ECOS-D stations. Thanks to Simulcast, the frequency pairs can be used for very large territories, guaranteeing continuity of service (automatic handover) over large areas and saving on radio license fee costs. The flexibility of ECOS-D solutions enables networks where Simulcast components interfere with cellular components, thus optimising investments and offering unparalleled modular service.


Leonardo’s ECOS-D solutions have been used in several projects in Italy and abroad for customers ranging from public safety agencies, public utilities and industries. In Italy, in particular, the ECOS-D systems have been used for civil protection duties and to support medical emergencies and highway operators




More than 50 countries worldwide, today, rely on Leonardo’s critical communications solutions to safeguard cities, infrastructure and transportation and also for emergency response. The most significant international projects have been realised in the United States, Austria, Turkey, Belgium, Poland, Germany for Public Utilities and civil protection duties.  


Leonardo is a leading provider of turn-key solution for critical communications, thanks to its capability to tailor and fully design the radio system according to customers’ requirements; its extensive experience in security emergency management, its vision and its capacity to support customers’ system evolution.