The journey to the digital city starts from Genoa and its port

21 November 2022

Leonardo will take part in the five days’ event that will focus on innovation and sustainable development towards more digital, efficient and livable cities

Genoa: a digital city

Genoa features a strong digital footprint, as testified by the beginning a new project, strongly desired by the City Council, aimed to enhance the technological skills of citizens and digitize the services provided by the city administration. Digitalization represents a powerful enabler of new services for citizens and can become an effective driver for economic development.

As stated by Leonardo's CEO Alessandro Profumo, it is necessary to do an effort to deploy the existing potential.  "A true Digital Valley can be born in Genoa, starting precisely from the competence of Leonardo, which employs 2,660 people in Liguria, and working for example on the potential of the supercomputer (High Performance Computing davinci-1), the realization and commercialization of Digital Twin." The digital twin, a digital copy of physical reality, can be used to build models to test the safety and efficiency of digital infrastructure and complex systems-from energy to transportation.

The port, a complex ecosystem

Leonardo, Gold sponsor of Genoa Smart Week, will participate in the conference days focusing on port digitization and security. Ports are quite complex environments, which see several stakeholders working together. The port is evolving ecosystem where the ordinary needs of logistics and maritime planning come together with new efficiency and security requirements, with a growing focus on cybersecurity. At the same time, sustainability is a crucial issue, both in terms of energy savings and reduction in pollutant emissions.

Leonardo for ports

Technology is the key enabler to answer efficiency, safety, security and sustainability requirements.  The solutions developed by Leonardo impact on all the main port activities, which include process optimization and the dematerialization of documentation to support operations and logistics, operational management of passenger terminals and cargo loading and unloading, and platforms for document exchange in order to automate processes, times and procedures.

X-2030 for Structural Health Monitoring

Leonardo has developed X-2030 to support Structural Health Monitoring, a platform based on the acquisition and integration of information from heterogeneous sources, designed and implemented to improve situation awareness and provide decision support for the safety and usability of road infrastructure.

Efficient and sustainable mobility

About road and rail mobility, digital and secure transportation, innovative technologies and platforms can now support operators as never before. The availability of data and information is fundamental to make public transportation closer to the needs of mobility companies and citizens. Leonardo, member of the National Center for Sustainable Mobility for urban road transport, develops solutions conceived to this purpose and already based on the needs of new-generation transport vehicles (electric and hybrid). These include the new e-Nobu on-board units or the latest evolutions of the MATRICS-AVM control centre, which enable a data exchange between vehicles and control cenre to support both urban mobility and predictive diagnostics, with increasingly adaptive service regulation.