Young cyber warriors grow up

04 June 2020

A journey through Italy visiting universities and students thanks to the initiative #LeonardoCyberChallenge2020

The cycle of digital seminars carried out by Leonardo as a part of the #LeonardoCyberChallenge2020 initiative, of which Leonardo this year is platinum sponsor, has ended.

Leonardo met the students of nine important Italian Universities as part of CyberChallenge.IT, a training program for young talents (from 16 to 23 years) set up by the National Interuniversity Consortium of Computer Science (CINI) and the National Laboratory for Cyber Security, with the aim to provide to high school and university students a unique opportunity for advanced cyber security training. A program in which a traditional learning activity is assisted by an approach oriented towards gaming and multidisciplinary.

The initiative has involved more than 90 participants from nine national universities this year: the University of Genoa, Catania, L'Aquila, the Parthenope of Naples, La Sapienza of Rome, Ca 'Foscari of Venice, the Polytechnic of Milan, the Tuscan Cybersecurity Competence Centre and Link Campus University. 

“Bringing young students closer to the reality of Leonardo's new Cyber Security Division is a fundamental objective for us. We want to be known in the ecosystem in which we operate, certainly made of companies, markets, institutions but also of communities. The division in its new marketing plan also intends to bring citizens closer, who in many cases represent the end users of our solutions, and we want to start right from the young, contributing to the spread of cyber culture”, says Eleonora Cordaro, Division Marketing Manager.

The training days - one lesson dedicated to each University – consisted in a webinar divided into three modules: a first module based on a theme of technological deepening selected by the teacher and our technology experts; a second module dedicated to the presentation of the new CyberSecurity division, of its integrated proposition, and of the initiatives aimed at young students; and a third module focused on people, the real engine of innovation and technological excellence of the company. The webinar was also an opportunity for a fruitful and lively confrontation with the students, interested in the perspectives that Leonardo can offer to a young cyber security and emerging technologies lover.

“The level of knowledge, already good, and the interest shown by the questions raised during the lessons, were gratifying and stimulating” - says Stefano Solari, Head of the Division's Cyber Innovation and Prototyping Team and Webinar teacher - “together we took another step forward in the study of crucial technological issues for the global security of our customers, such as the security of OT systems and malware analysis”.

The important role of young people in the division is confirmed by the words of Stefano Di Noia, Human Resources Manager of the Genoa site. “We are aware that the real engine of innovation and technological excellence are people, who therefore represent a fundamental asset for our present and future. The passion and competence shown by these young students are a truly encouraging sign in our path of strengthening dialogue with universities and also for reaching young people, a fundamental element for our growth”.  

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