Roberta Cumbo

Research Fellow
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  • Aeronautical Engineer

  • Composite structures, Digital factory, AI

  • Cumbo, R., Baroni, A., Ricciardi, A., Corvaglia, S. (2021). Design allowables for composite laminates: a review. Submitted to Compisite Structures, Elsevier – 1 december 2021. 

    Cumbo, R., Mazzanti, L., Tamarozzi, T., Jiranek, P., Desmet, W., Naets, F. (2021). Advanced optimal sensor placement for Kalman-based multiple-input estimation. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 160, Art. No. 107830

    Cumbo, R., Tamarozzi, T., Jiranek, P., Desmet, W., Masarati, P. (2020). State and Force Estimation on a Rotating Helicopter Blade through a Kalman-Based Approach. SENSORS, 20 (15), Art.No. ARTN 4196

    Cumbo, R., Tamarozzi, T., Janssens, K., Desmet, W. (2019). Kalman-based load identification and full-field estimation analysis on industrial test case. Mechanical System and Signal Processing, 117, 771-785

  • Blade Load Reconstruction from Embedded Strain Measurements, C. Talamo, R. Cumbo, D. Rigamonti, P. Bettini, D. De Gregoriis, P. Masarati. 78th Vertical Flight Society Annual Forum (2021).

    An Improved Optimal Sensor Placement strategy for Kalman-based multiple-input estimation, L. Mazzanti, R. Cumbo, W. Desmet, F. Naets, T. Tamarozzi. International Modal Analysis Conference, IMAC XVIII, 2020, Houston, Texas.

    Investigation of virtual sensing techniques on a rear twistbeam suspension by performing multiple-input/state estimation, R. Cumbo, T. Tamarozzi, K. Janssens, W. Desmet. International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, ISMA 2018, Leuven, Belgium.

    A recursive coupling-decoupling approach to improve Experimental Frequency Based Substructuring results, R. Cumbo, S. Manzato, G. Coppotelli, A. Fregolent, W. D’Ambrogio. International Modal Analysis Conference, IMAC 2017 , Orange County, USA