Modelling & Simulations

These fields of technology influence Leonardo’s activities right from the design stage, during which the physical behaviour of materials and systems is emulated in specially equipped laboratories prior to real-world implementation on the product to reduce the time and risk involved in design.

Leonardo develops solutions enabled by today’s emerging technologies for logistical support and training applications, integrating physical reality with virtual reality and embedded simulation on the basis of the Live, Virtual and Constructive model. Exercises can be conducted using actual personnel and platforms (Live), actual personnel and simulated platforms (Virtual), or simulated personnel and platforms (Constructive).

Investment in developing cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technologies provides increasingly effective support for operators performing maintenance work on real systems, allowing them to view graphic content (2D, 3D) containing additional information on the maintenance procedure being performed via a ‘virtual assistant’.

Leonardo has developed all the technologies required to supply the resulting modelling and simulation environment in the form of ‘in-Cloud’ services, in accordance with the Modelling & Simulations as a Service (MSaaS) technology used by NATO. Use of a Digital Twin of the system and its components offers a promising solution for design purposes and adds to the security and flexibility of operation. This technique also allows development of diagnostic and prognostic strategies, and improves maintenance and training systems.

The Leonardo Labs tasked with developing skills in the field of Digital Twins and advanced simulation across all business areas are: