Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key technology in many fields and Leonardo recognises the importance of continuing to study AI to capitalise on new opportunities for products and services. For Leonardo, this technology area concerns the study and development of new AI solutions applied to multiple spheres of technology. These include system autonomy through Swarm Intelligence techniques; algorithms for Uncrewed systems; command and control systems; cognitive sensors and resilience systems; cyber security systems; signal processing in radars through to war-gaming and simulation systems; industrial process optimisation; and predictive maintenance.

This research area focuses on the study of:

  • New AI models and analysis techniques to monitor critical infrastructure through the analysis of data derived from satellites and sensors in the field (audio, video, and Internet of Things); for security applications, using images, video streams and audio (e.g. advanced video analysis, crowd anomaly detection, audio classification), and for command and control applications based on merging advanced sensor data and decision-making support systems that can be adapted to various operational requirements
  • Neural network behaviour to enable AI in critical security contexts, such as systems subject to certification (aircraft, helicopters, high-reliability systems)
  • High-performance neural networks with a focus on large-scale models capable of processing huge amounts of data
  • Lightweight models that can run on devices with low computing power (Embedded AI or Edge AI)
  • Topics such as learning with little available data, continuous learning and adaptation to different application domains.

The Leonardo Labs tasked with developing skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence across all business areas are: