Trade Compliance

To comply with the United States Export Reform, together with reforms to both Italy and UK Export Control Regulations (BIS) and Customer Import Regulations, the Helicopter Division requires the following information:

  • US Export Control Destination Statement and Licence number.
  • Classification of parts;
  • equirement to rate each part number being exported from Italy in accordance with the Italian Military Classification List;
  • Requirement to rate each part number being exported from the UK in accordance with the UK Military Classification List;
  • Customer Import Regulations require the Country of Orgin to be identified at equipment level at the point of export by the Helicopter Division.

Below is the Export Classification Form to be used by Suppliers in order to communicate PN classification. This form needs to be completed and returned to the relevant buyer:

Export Classification Form

Military Part for UE


According to the Italian Export Control Laws and Regulations (L.185/90 as modified), financial transactions related to defence articles are subject to prior approval by the Italian licensing Authorities. 

Payments related to defence articles purchased by Leonardo Helicopter Division on the EU market are among the financial transactions subject to prior approval.

As a condition to get the approval, Leonardo Helicopter Division is requested by law to submit to the Italian Licensing Authorities a set of documents inclusive of invoices, Packing List and any other documentation which provide evidence to the Italian Authorities that the transfer  complies with the Export Regulations of your Country.

In order to facilitate the approval process, you are kindly requested to access the Supplier Portal