Media Display Technology

Enhance your websites and apps and improve booking conversions

With advanced technology and UI/UX optimized multi-media display galleries. Your ultimate goal is to capture as many hotel bookings as possible and doing so means you need to grab (and keep) your website visitors’ attention whether they’re on their computers, tablets or smartphones.

Today’s travel shoppers are demanding large, engaging and optimized images and multi-media that help them understand a hotel’s experience. That’s why it’s crucial to shift your websites and apps to visually-oriented experiences with large, engaging photos and multi-media.

Leonardo’s multi-media web galleries can help you give your visitors the visual experiences they’re looking for. You can:

  • Ensure an optimal user experience with built-in advanced detection capabilities that take into account software, bandwidth, device/screen size, geographic location (or defined attributes) and serve up optimized media
  • Choose from multiple formats and layouts designed for computer screens, as well as smartphone optimized, tablet optimized and tablet friendly versions
  • Rely on automatic formatting features to re-size and format media for optimal presentation on computer screens and smartphone and tablet devices
  • Display hotel media including images, 360° virtual tours and video within a single gallery presented in topic based categories
  • Seamlessly integrate galleries with your current desktop websites, mobile websites and apps for consistent user experiences
  • Trust that media will always load quickly using the world’s most reliable Content Delivery Networks distributed globally
  • Boost your search engine rankings by providing search engines with programmed snippets containing all meta-data and content tags

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