Spain: High end market requirements

Leonardo Hispania represents Leonardo's centre of excellence in Spain and has recently been assigned the role of support for the entire Leonardo local product portfolio.
Initially established in November 2003 to manufacture , integrate and manage the logistic support and the after-sales assistance of the turret for the Centauro vehicle in service with the Spanish Army, the Company has become a strong local asset with a highly professional team that boasts a broad experience in all Leonardo areas of activity.

A solid company in the field of defence

A solid company in the field of defence

Leonardo Hispania is endowed with an appropriate infrastructure for the manufacture of technologically advanced systems.
Total surface: 3000 m²
Production area: 1900 m²
Offices: 500 m²

Where we are

Loriguilla (Valencia)

At our headquarters in Valencia we support all the company's business sectors. We are also focused on providing weapon systems and logistical support for the Spanish Army and for the Armed forces of different countries.


Leonardo Hispania S.A.U.

P.I. Masía del Conde
C/ 4, nº 47 – 46393 – Loriguilla
Valencia – España
T: +34 961 520 602
F: +34 961 520 610 

Our main programs

HITFIST® 30 mm Turret for Spanish MoD

HITFIST® is a two-man power operated turret incorporating the latest technologies in the fields of electronics, protection, signature and Human Machine Interface (HMI). We are involved in a Technological Program to provide Spanish MoD with a 30 mm manned Turret for an 8x8 vehicle named DRAGÓN. 


The HITROLE®- G is a modern, fully stabilized, electrically operated and remotely controlled naval weapon system that can be fitted with a range of single or multi barrels cannons, well suited for policing operations and countering asymmetric threats. We produce the system by using Spanish and other European providers. 

VRC 105 CENTAURO Turret for Spanish Army

It’s equipped with a 105 mm caliber turret. Leonardo Hispania was involved in the program in charge of the assembly, Integration and Final check of the turret and also managed the Integrated Logistics Support, After-sales assistance and Maintenance.

Howitzer 105/14

The 105/14 Mod. 56 Howitzer has been one of the most tested Artillery weapon systems in the world. Its serial production started at the beginning of sixties. We have produced new units for a Latin American country and carried out the overhaul for the Spanish Marine Infantry.

Hitrole Light 12,7mm

HITROLE® Light is a state of the art lightweight Common Remote Operated Weapon Station that can be fitted with 7,62mm or 12,7mm Machine Guns or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher to perform multi-role tasks like surveillance, patrolling in urban environment, border security, counter-sniper and asymmetric missions.