NEMESI, automating processes and preparing minds

18 December 2023

Moving from a functional hierarchical approach to an integrated and connected one, with new technological devices granting immediate access to information and data. Fabio Ciucci, Head of Learning, Change Management & Expat HR Business Partner at Leonardo Aerostructures, describes the paradigm shift introduced by the NEMESI project in Pomigliano d’Arco, in the province of Naples, which confirms the focus on individuals and skills.

“The first time I heard about NEMESI, I wondered what the Greek goddess could possibly have to do with the aeronautical industry. Only later did I understand the connection,” explains Fabio Ciucci, Head of Learning, Change Management & Expat HR Business Partner at Leonardo Aerostructures in describing the productive and human impact of a project that will transform the Pomigliano d’Arco site into a true smart factory.

The term NEMESI – New Engineering & Manufacturing Enhanced System Innovation – calls to mind the idea of a “challenge” within a system geared towards the integration of industrial automation and digitalisation. Without forgetting one element that no technological innovation can ignore: the need to “adequately prepare the minds of its intended users.”

The programme, which is based on Industry 4.0, will introduce a new approach to the historic Campania-based aerostructures site, encouraging the broadening of perimeters. Thus, moving from a division between the parent company, suppliers, manufacturing, and ancillary services, towards a place of constant, ongoing interaction, with a new way of managing social relationships.






NEMESI, towards Industry 4.0

Digitalisation brings technological innovation along the entire production process and transforms the very concept of manufacturing. It is the revolution of NEMESI, the project that aims to evolve the sites of Pomigliano d'Arco and Nola into smart factories.



NEMESI, the digital industry as an opportunity for the territory

The figures, technologies and goals of the project are discussed in an interview with Danilo Cannoletta, Head of NEMESI, Digital Transformation & Product Cyber Resilience Officer at Leonardo Aerostructures.



NEMESI, technology and the human factor combined

Vincenzo Prata, Head of Manufacturing Engineering at Leonardo Aerostructures, presents the key elements of the NEMESI project, which will make the Pomigliano d’Arco site a centre of excellence for its fuselage assembly lines.