Politecnico di Torino

Simone Godio
Ph.D. Student
Giorgio Guglieri
Fabio Dovis
49 students of the Team Draft

Since childhood Simone has had a great passion for aerospace systems, which led him to enroll in the Aerospace Engineering faculty of Turin. During his university career he developed a strong passion for drones that he uses, studies and tests also in the private sphere. He defines himself as a simple, dynamic and motivated person.

The Politecnico di Torino participates in the contest through the DRAFT PoliTo. The team is composed of students from different courses and levels of the Engineering area: Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. Within this multidisciplinary group, each member enriches the experience in teamwork by achieving the objectives of the competition.




  • Development of a single drone’s autonomous Navigation algorithms (obstacle avoidance, object detection and visual navigation) with sensor fusion and new receiving techniques;
  • Elaboration and realization of an innovative Navigation system through an interaction network between a limited number of autonomous drones;
  • Extension of the interaction algorithms to a drone’s SWARM in order to realize an optimized communication network, creating a more autonomous system in the Navigation. 




  • Definition and implementation of a Cloud architecture for navigation and motion planning information storage;
  • Research on sensor fusion techniques to increase position accuracy and precision in GPS degraded or denied environments, with a focus on Visual Inertial Odometry and SLAM;
  • Research in the field of motion planning for obstacle detection, recognition and avoidance for autonomous navigation.