Design & Integration Technologies

Leonardo has developed an extensive and deep understanding of Systems Engineering as a supplier of complex, multi-disciplinary, technologically advanced platforms and systems for aeronautical, land, sea, space and underwater applications. Capable of managing all phases of design in terms of architecture, hardware and software components, and internal and external interfaces, Leonardo draws on cutting-edge methods and tools to develop highly dependable, flexible products that are easy to use and to integrate into existing systems.

Right from the earliest stages of concept development,  Leonardo invests in processes aimed at predicting product performance and in the development of analysis and simulation expertise and tools (electromagnetic compatibility, aeroelasticity, structural analysis, analysis of thermal behaviour, electrical loads, virtual mock-up, virtual iron birds, aircraft simulators, operational scenario simulators).

Through know-how developed in the creation of advanced, multi-functional architectures and structural solutions, Leonardo can integrate structural and systematic capabilities (acoustic, thermal, electromagnetic, self-repairing and self-sensing). This maximises the benefits of using new materials in terms of weight and production and assembly costs, also through fine-tuning of proprietary production processes, earning Leonardo a position of technological leadership in the areas in which it operates.

Many different technologies are required to ensure correct design and integration of these systems, ranging from selection of materials resistant to high temperatures and atmospheric agents, to the search for advanced, reliable components. Design is followed by functional and certification testing, which Leonardo performs using the latest new technologies in sensors, reproduction of extreme environmental conditions, simulation models and test benches integrating most of the systems involved.