Leonardo reaffirms its presence in Far East

23 November 2021

As evidenced in the quarterly reports on threat actors, vulnerabilities and cybercrime activities, prepared by Leonardo's Security Operation Centre, cyber attacks are intensifying, procedures are becoming more sophisticated and the number of targets is growing.

Cyber criminals are increasingly organised, and both institutions and strategic national infrastructures have become proven targets. For cyber peacekeeping, as for military peacekeeping, intelligence operations are indispensable and are the only way to prevent potentially critical situations.

Among the markets most sensitive to this preventative aspect of cyber security is certainly the Far East, which is equipping its national defences and critical infrastructures with defence tools capable of facing the dangers they are threatened by.

Leonardo’s Cyber Security Division already supports institutions in this region through systems and solutions managing the efficiency of urban mobility and the security of communications. The company’s regional presence was extended recently by a contract signed with a prestigious institutional client in the defence sector, for the supply of Leonardo’s Cyber Threat Intelligence platform.

Through monitoring and analysing large amounts of open source information – based on the customer’s own context and integrated with specific information on IT security – Leonardo’s Threat Intelligence platform provides advanced on-premise tools that are able to predict and prevent the threat, identify the attackers and their motivations, as well as the dynamics and characteristics of attacks.

The platform enables intelligence analysts to find relevant information and turn it into naturally accessible and easily usable information, aided by using innovative visual analysis tools.

The newly-signed contract fits well within the framework of the Leonardo Be Tomorrow 2030 strategic plan to foster collaboration between governments, individuals and industry in order to improve the cyber security of critical infrastructure and increase awareness of existing risks.

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