CEO Profumo's article in Il Sole 24 Ore: A pact for skills to relaunch Italy

16 September 2022

In today's Il Sole 24 Ore, Alessandro Profumo illustrates the company's policy of supporting investment in high-potential resources, particularly professionals linked to emerging technologies, which are strategic for Leonardo. 

Young talents in which the country has invested first, difficult to find, attract and, above all, retain. Of fundamental importance is the creation and maintenance of an increasingly open innovation ecosystem in which companies, universities and research centres share projects and research programmes. A model that Leonardo is following with various initiatives, such as the Leonardo Labs, the Aerotech Academy, and the Business Innovation Factory. And to facilitate the process of planning requirements in the medium-term, Leonardo has introduced predictive artificial intelligence tools capable of guiding the training and recruitment path of new professional figures.

"In 2021, Leonardo hired 3,753 people, 54% with STEM-based degrees," writes Profumo. "These are professionals of emerging and disruptive technologies: engineering for electrification and hybrid propulsion, experts in cloud architectures and supercomputing, specialists in data science and artificial intelligence. In many cases they are under the age of 30. With them we aim to preside over strategic areas of competence for the company and Italy, and to design the technologies of the next decade. For not only Leonardo they represent the most valuable long-term investment.