The Leonardo Labs research features in the ‘POLARIS Innovation Journal’

09 June 2023

POLARIS Innovation Journal no. 48, online as from today, is the second issue featuring new details of research conducted within the Leonardo Labs, the Group’s research and innovation incubators which investigate the technologies of tomorrow.

The second issue of this year’s ‘POLARIS Innovation Journal’ is now available online. The issue presents some of the research conducted within the Leonardo Labs, Leonardo’s ‘wager’ on innovators and the value of research for tomorrow. These networked technology hubs are where research fellows and doctoral students (both national and international) investigate the technological solutions that pave the way to new perspectives in innovation.

These publications are one output of the Labs’ activities and also the result of partnerships that the Company’s researchers and technicians establish with universities, innovation centres and industrial partners.

In this new issue, the magazine shares some of the research carried out over the last two years, both with a medium-term impact to provide enabling solutions closely aligned with market needs, and with results expected over longer periods, typical of more advanced areas not exposed to productivity and competitive pressures.

The topics covered include High-Performance Computing (HPC), applications of artificial intelligence to Space and Hyperspectral Imaging, Material Technologies (the technologies of materials and their production processes), Future Electronics & Sensing, new technologies and solutions for improving current command and control systems, and the new frontiers of Quantum Computing, namely the application of quantum principles to computing, sensor technology and precision computing.

The papers presented illustrate the interdisciplinary nature and broad scope of the Labs, where innovation meets in-house research, with a cross-departmental approach to the Group’s various business units so as to study the benefits and impacts of tomorrow’s technologies. In short, a preview of Leonardo’s unpredictable journey into the world of innovation and knowledge.

Click here to read issue no. 48 of the ‘POLARIS Innovation Journal’.